Time for National Roadbrine Day!

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Greetings! Thank you so much for taking the time to read our November 2020 newsletter featuring Precision Brands’ seasonal updates for exterior safety and sanitation! Our proven street and sidewalk snow and ice barrier product, ROADBRINE, is now available to prepare for whatever Winter 2020 has in store: municipal delivery and professional outfitting available! We are in operation year-long to fulfill South Jersey’s residential and commercial exterior cleaning services and solutions, including our COVID KILLER HQ. Drop me a line, anytime at: 1-888-31-POWER or [email protected].


Join us on November 10 for National RoadBrine Day – a full day of street, sidewalk, and driveway safety demos, prizes, and more! We will be in-person at our spacious, outdoor RoadBrine HQ in Somerdale, NJ or follow us on Facebook @RoadBrine to watch live and ENTER TO WIN! 1 lucky contestant wins a Season Supply of RoadBrine and one week with our custom RoadBrine Dodge Challenger. 25 entrants win 1-Gallon of Brine! Plus, get your own FREE BRINE, just pay shipping! Learn more and RSVP at: https://bit.ly/3djdceP

RoadBrine: Street & Sidewalk Snow Safety Application & Equipment

Our RoadBrine formula is the market leader as the highest quality product in residential and commercial anti-icing / de-icing. We offer online solution and equipment sales, as well as a full brine filling depot in Somerdale and Lindenwold, NJ: open 24/7. Bulk delivery is available!

Sanitizing SJ: COVID Killer HQ

Our CDC-approved sanitizing equipment and solutions are fully stocked and set-up for demonstrations in our newly expanded, on-site COVID Killer HQ & Showroom! Our state-certified team of mister masterminds are experts on a variety of techniques to keep commercial and municipal spaces safe.

Power Washers, Sanitizing Misters & CDC-Approved Solutions IN-STOCK

Commercial, residential pressure washers by Landa, Shark, Legacy, Pressure Pro & KARCHER. All of our eco-friendly cleaning detergents are made in the USA and feature the quality you have come to expect from the Precision Power Wash family of companies. BUY NOW: COVID-KILLING, CDC-APPROVED concentrate, $99! Check out our ENHANCED, EXPANDED Precision Soap website for FREE shipping on orders over $100! www.precisionsoapstore.com.

PPW for Residential & Commercial Exteriors: FREE Quotes, Gutter Clean BoGo

Contact us for your hassle-free quote and take advantage of our Fall Gutter Clean BoGo. Commercial Power Wash: our dedicated team keeps building exteriors sparkling using advanced products, HOT WATER, and CDC APPROVED Sanitizing Solutions. Residential Power Wash: Enjoy the beauty of your home – our technicians wash each section of your home FIVE times using our efficient and environmentally-friendly soap.

Fleet Upgrade, Commercial Service Department & Tractor Trailer Parking

The Precision Family of Businesses is stoked to upgrade our fleet with our powerful, fully-customized work truck!
Commercial Service Department – Outfitting and fixing your commercial power wash equipment. Appointments are required for drop off to our Somerdale warehouse.

Tractor Trailer Parking

Store/Park your tractor trailer, bus, RV, etc. at our Lindenwold business park. Spaces are approximately 10 x 100, size and terms are flexible.

List of Services

We’re ready to sanitize & sterilize for you.

Condo & HOA Complexes
Soft Wash Roof Cleaning
Public Space Sanitization
Parks, Playgrounds & School Sanitization
Deck Washing/Staining
Fence Washing/Staining
Drivet/Stucco Cleaning Specialists
Patio/Paver/Concrete Cleaning/Sealing
Gutter Cleaning
Pool Decks
Exterior Window Washing
Tennis Court Cleaning
Solar Panel Cleaning
Parking Garage Cleaning
Gum Removal
Graffiti Removal
Premium Grade Soaps



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